Professional Debt Collection

Our respectful approach permits both sides to save their face and takes a communicative path to solve problems.

The standard we set for our actions is to handle your customers fairly, like partners. Our skills enable us to find a purposeful, fast win-win solution in a communicative way.

Our debt collection services are tailored exactly to handle your customers and products; letters address your target group directly. The efficiency of our work is constantly being evaluated and, if necessary, we adapt it accordingly.

It is always worth commissioning EXGO INKASSO if you have regular losses of receivables outstanding. Do not shy away from seemingly small sums. As you well know - even small amounts add up in the long run.

Reputable specialist publishing houses from the financial, health, leisure and corporate affairs sector are among our regular customers. We also have numerous customers from the professions, associations and organisations and young e-commerce firms consider themselves well served by us.

In addition to the collection fee, which must be reimbursed by your debtors, we also charge a success fee. This varies according to stages.

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Our service must be worth your while. Therefore you should take your time to reflect on what these advantages are worth to you:


Our process optimisation reduces your cost risk

Time and money savings

You send us your open receivables by post or electronically and we take care of the rest


We take our orientation from your needs and your customers and find the right form of personal address


We show a high success rate and at the same time consider ourselves an instrument of customer loyalty.


As a member in BDIU (Federal German association of collection agencies) and therefore of FENCA (Federation of European National Collection Associations) we feel bound to the high quality standards of that association.
We are registered collection service providers according to section 10, paragraph 1 no. 1 German Legal Services Act.